Flee poverty!

Flee poverty!

Poverty has rightly been described by some as more than a curse. Such people regard it as something of a sin!

In international finance circles, a person is regarded as being poor if he/she lives on less than one US dollar (about N140) per day. So what are things that may bring about this dreaded scourge? Today, we examine some of the following causes with a view to resisting and fleeing the scourge with fresh vigour.

1.    Laziness and complacency

Perhaps what causes a man to be lazy and/or complacent is the absence of an aim or goal in his life; the absence of a vision to attain. A lazy man will no doubt be poor. You must work and aim high to achieve.

According to Pastor Gbenga Efueye of the Victory Cathedral, Lagos, no amount of miracles will save you from poverty or enrich you without your own effort. The miracle is heaven’s part but this must be drawn down and complemented with effort on your own part.

A lazy man will hardly witness the providence power of God.

Go to the ant, you sluggard, consider her ways and be wise…do not love sleep, lest you come to poverty… a little folding of the arms to sleep.. So shall poverty come on you like a prowler. And your need like an armed man!

–       The Good Book.

2.    Drunkenness and gluttony

The dictionary defines drunkenness as a “state of intoxication or being habitually drunk” and gluttony as “the act or practice of eating to excess.”

Drunkenness will lead you into the cage of poverty. Frequent, uncontrolled and habitual visits to fast food joints, expensive restaurants, night clubs and beer/pepper soup joints are a definite indication that poverty is knocking seriously at your door, no matter how well off you consider yourself today. Visits to such places should definitely not be a daily affair. Little amounts frittered away make a huge hole in your life’s finances. For instance, N1,000 spent today at such a joint could very well grow to N10,000 in less than a decade if well invested. Multiply this by the number of times you visit such places in a year and you’ll realize just how much hole you’re making in your life’s finances.

It is noteworthy, however, that it is not only alcohol that can intoxicate nor only food that can make you a glutton.

Pride, for one, can make you intoxicated. The level of education or career growth you have attained can also intoxicate you.

3.    Wrong associations

A man becomes what he is by what he reads and the people he associates with. Associating with frivolous people who discuss nothing but the superficial will bring a man to poverty fast; for time is indeed money.

It is important to associate with people who are positive-minded and forward-thinking and such people can easily be identified with what they say and how they live.

People with poor, negative mentality will always complain and attack the rich; avoid them. It is easier for such people to pull you down the rungs of life’s ladder than it is for you to pull them up it!

Make sure you do anything and pay any price necessary for you to always stay in the company of people who will inspire and lift your spirit and make you believe in your ability to achieve and attain!

4.    Non-payment of vows and pledges

Whether made to the needy or to the clergy, you need to redeem your pledges and vows. God knows how to redeem unpaid vows and reneged promises. According to a writer, “the angels that do God’s debt recovery work are merciless angels.” So pay your vows and promises. Two important things crop up here. (1) Never promise beyond your capacity and (2) In the event that you that you made a promise and are finding it difficult to pay in a bulk, discuss with the beneficiary and start paying in instalments now.

5.    Neglect of works of charity

This follows from the fact that you are actually no more than a steward of ‘your’ money. Suffice it here to say that it is God that gives the power to make wealth and it is He that permits the flow of wealth, which He intends for a purpose.

So if you are favoured enough today to have the flow in your direction and through your hands, you will do well to let it go round the appropriate quarters and achieve the ordained purpose or the One that allows the flow may just decide to allow it no more!