Five Types of Women Guys Should Avoid

Five Types of Women Guys Should Avoid
When you are trying to find a partner you are sure to come across different types of people. Moreover, some of us start searching for a partner that belongs to this or that type of people. That tactic is absolutely useless, as you never know when love would strike you. You may be dreaming about some femme fatale, but end up being absolutely happy with a meek country girl. So, is there any use of types then? Yes, there is, types are extremely useful when it comes to women to avoid. No matter how courageous you are, there are certain types of women to avoid, or you can regret all of your dating intentions. So, let’s check out 5 types of women to avoid from
Women With The Victim Mentality

Unfortunately, the victim mentality is not something which you can distinguish right away. And the realization comes too little too late, and you are already chained to a girl who is constantly blaming the world for being unfair to her. Her parents are unfair to her, her friends are unfair to her, and you are also unfair to her. And no matter how much you try to make her happy, she had done more for you, and you are unfair and ungrateful. There is one way to tell whether your prospective girlfriend has the victim mentality or not. If she starts complaining about everything in her life on the very first date – run! Run as fast as you can!

Women Obsessed With Marriage

You are probably wondering what can be bad about being obsessed with marriage… Well, there is a reason why women obsessed with marriage represent the type men should avoid. She is telling you, how she likes the wedding ceremonies. She is telling you, what a beautiful bride she is going to be. Then, all of a sudden you find yourself helping her to decide whom you would call on your wedding ceremony. There is one great problem with this type of women: their main interest is not their partner and prospective husband. Their main interest is the wedding ceremony per se. You are merely a tool that helps her get what she wants.

Women Obsessed With Romance

She likes kissing in the rain. Your dates, especially on the 14th of February, must be full of extravaganza. Your mailbox (no, not email, but actual mailbox) is filled with love letters from her, and surprisingly she doesn’t mind that you never bothered to pen her a reply. Everything seems hunky dory, but there is one problem – she doesn’t love, she is in love with romance. You’ve just happened to be cast in the male lead. And if you break up, there is going to be a big drama, with her stalking you and standing beneath your window every night, and not because she loves you, but because that’s in the script.

Women Who Fill all the Space

Why you should avoid dating this type of women? Well, you can forget about friends, forget about your parents, and don’t you expect to go anywhere without her. Of course, you can have some rest while you are at work, but don’t be that naive. She’ll be calling or texting you every five or ten minutes.

Femme Fatale

She is full of mystery. Today everything seems okay, and you are sure that your relationships are developing fine, then she is gone. You cannot reach her via phone or social networks. She’s just vanished. Then, in a couple of days or weeks, she will come back to you, and most likely she wouldn’t bother explaining to you where she was all the time. When you are together, she is most likely to get you into either troubles or embarrassing situations, but her fault is untraceable. You are ready to sacrifice everything to get to know her better, as you are intrigued and seduced by the mystery of hers. Unfortunately, she’s not planning to be together with you, as that’s her lifestyle. If you are unable to learn at least something about her in the course of a few weeks, it is better to back off and forget about her.