FIFA’s Infantino warns World Cup hooligans to stay home

FIFA’s Infantino warns World Cup hooligans to stay home

With just one week to go until the World Cup kicks off in Russia, FIFA presidentGianni Infantino warned hooligans to stay at home.

In an interview released by soccer’s world governing body, Infantino said the Russian authorities were working in co-operation with police forces across the globe to sensure safety at the tournament.

“Every fan that is coming to Russia will be welcomed in a safe environment to celebrate,” said Infantino.

“If anyone is thinking to come to Russia to create trouble, well then he’d better stay home.”

Infantino said FIFA had been working to ensure the human rights of workers involved in stadium construction and that any discrimination during the tournament would be firmly handled, even to the point of matches being abandoned.

The video assistant referee (VAR) system will be rolled out for the first time at a World Cup at the tournament and Infantino said it was only fair to the officials on the pitch.

And speaking about the four yearly competition which starts on June 14 in Moscow he added: “One week before kickoff I think we can say that Russia is 100 percent ready.”