FG Unveils ID Card, NHIS For Retirees

FG Unveils ID Card, NHIS For Retirees

Chris Steven, Abuja

The Federal Ministry of Defence has unveiled Combo Military Pension Board Identity Card and the National Health Insurance Scheme for retirees in commemoration of the 2017 Armed Forces Remembrance Day.

Speaking at a press briefing of the 2017 Armed Forces Remembrance Day Celebration in Abuja,  Minister of Defence, Mansur Muhammad Dan-Ali said the introduction of the Combo military pension board identity card will eradicate ghost pensioner syndrome, serves as debit card and grant pensioners online real time access to their account.

He noted that the Ministry would continue to engage pensioners through relevant organs like the Nigerian legion, Veteran Affair Division and Military Pension Board to ensure that government obligations are met.

On the National Health Insurance Scheme, he said, “Currently the health condition of retirees has improved, under the National Health Insurance Scheme. Veterans are to note that no money is charged and no money is deducted from their pension for this service.

“Wives of deceased personnel of the armed forces both serving and retired and their eligible children are now entitled to NHIS benefits.  I enjoin our veterans to take advantage of this initiative.”

The Armed Forces Remembrance Day Celebration observed by other commonwealth nations to honour the fallen heroes who laid their lives in service to humanity during the First and Second World War, Nigeria Civil war and the fight against insurgent in the nation.

“This day is used to reassure immediate families and relatives of fallen combatants that the nation will continue to be with them in paying respect to their departed family members. The 2017 celebration will provide us a unique opportunity to reflect on the scarifies made in the ongoing war against insurgency by our service personnel to maintain national peace and security.” He said

On the Armed Forces Remembrance Day 2017, he said the Defense Health Maintenance unit will create a medical outreach in all the 36 states of the federation and Abuja to conduct blood pressure, blood and sugar level checks for retired members of the Armed forces.

“Serving members of the armed forces are to take part in the registration at 3 service headquarters for personal disengagement documentation exercise in order to assist defence health maintenance limited document them with retirees NHIS benefits,” he said.

“The ministry of defence has embarked on a phase rehabilitation of military cemeteries and war graves nationwide, to ensure a befitting resting place for our fallen heroes

“Commonwealth war graves commission, in conjunction with Nigeria has erected a Memorial Cenotaph in honour of Nigerian soldiers who fought and died in the first and second world wars at the national cemetery, Abuja.”

Air vice Marshal, Mohammed Rabiu Dabo, Chairman Military Pension Board said the Military pension combo card serves as electronic identity card, carries the bio-data of retirees record of service exercise will help to reduces hardship experienced by retirees during verification exercise.

He said, “The military pension board identity card will serve as an identity card for all pensionable retirees, to easy verification exercise. With this pensioners won’t be carrying photocopies of documents.

“The combo unique identity card serves as a value added card, operating at any automated teller machine and reward pensioners on any transactional engagement.”