Fayose’s 2000 job promise, a scam, says Prince Adeyeye

Fayose’s 2000 job promise, a scam, says Prince Adeyeye
Ekiti youths have been advised to be wary of the promise by Governor Fayose’s promise to create 2000 jobs for them, few weeks before the impending State governorship election.
A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Prince Dayo Adeyeye, in a statement issued on Monday, in Ado Ekiti, the state capital ,on his behalf by Mr Omoniyi Ojo, the Director of Media of his campaign group, Prince adedayo Adeyeye Movement (PAAM), warned youths of the state to be wary of the antics of the state governor, Mr Ayo Fayose and should take take his promise with a pinch of salt.
According to the former Minister of Works, it is the stock in trade of the state governor to use and dump people for his pecuniary interests.
 Prince Adeyeye wondered why the governor is now just waking up to realize the facts that there are hundreds of youths in the state, that need jobs.
“Few weeks after his inauguration as the state governor, Governor Fayose instructed the unemployed youths in the state to register for jobs that he promised to create for them.
” Enthusiastically, over ten thousand youths in the state paid the sum of one thousand Naira each, to collect the forms for the jobs. Alas! Up till now, he has not employed one single youth in the state.
“These are the children of poor people in the state, who pulled together their meager resources to pay for the forms and he defrauded them of their hard earned monies.
The former scribe of the Pan-Yoruba sociopolitical group, Afenifere, also added that the state governor, who he said should not be trusted in anyway, is only repeating the scam he initiated when he came in as the governor of the state and that nothing will come out of the exercise, which he is only using as  political gimmicks to hoodwink the people of the state into voting for his lackey in the governorship election, after which he will dump them.
He wondered how a state Governor who has not paid the state workers for over seven months, is going to fund the employment of two thousand new workers.
” Even, let’s give him a benefit of doubts that he is sincere, which he is not, why can’t he just employed from the over ten thousand that have paid over Ten Million Naira to register for jobs,about three and half years ago?.
“Here was somebody who sacked all the people of the state that were employed by the Dr Fayemi administration. Now he wants to employ 2000 workers.
” he is using all these as  campaign promises, his stock-in-trade is to use and dump people and that is what he is going to do again”.
The statement also revealed that the  former PDP chieftain, who defected to APC fold few weeks ago, also faulted the recent directive by the State Governor to promote 46000 workers in the state, claimed that Governor Fayose is taking the people of the state for ride.
He claimed that Fayose is on record as the only Governor in the state to ever sack workers in the state.
“Since he came into office over three years ago, he has nor employed any worker, but he sacked the over 20,000 Youths (popularly referred to as Dagrin)that the administration of Dr Kayode Fayemi employed before him.
“He recently gave a directive that 46000 state workers should be promoted, where will he get the funds to finance this, this is somebody, who cannot pay salaries.
” Just four weeks before the election, he wants to promote people. His government is a 419 government.
” Does he believe that Ekiti people are foolish?. He has so much contempt for Ekiti people. If not, how can he repeatedly keep deceiving them at every turn?. he is so insensitive to the workers.
“The workers and the youths should know that he is only deceiving them and does not have their interest at heart. Let’s even give him a benefit of doubt. Let’s say, he is even sincere, which he is not, if he really wants to employ the youths, why can’t he pull from the pool of the ten thousand youths who have paid and registered for the scheme over three years ago?.
” Here is somebody who has not employed a single worker since over three years ago, who suddenly developed the urge to employ thousands, just four weeks before a major election in the state.
“He believes Ekiti people are fools, whereas, he is the fool, if anybody is. The people cannot be deceived. An average Ekiti worker is more educated than him(Fayose) if the youths are better educated And enlightened than him”.