Fayose ‘ll Account For New Debts, Says APC

Fayose ‘ll Account For New Debts, Says APC
Against the backdrop of Ekiti State’s debts figure released at the weekend by the Debts Management Office (DMO) of the Federal Ministry of Finance as published in the media, the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti State has said that Governor Ayodele Fayose will account for every kobo he borrowed but diverted for personal gains.
Publicity Secretary, Taiwo Olatunbosun, said in a statement on Monday that the latest debts figures confirmed the party’s position that  Fayose was deliberately borrowing recklessly for elephant projects awarded to his cronies’ companies for personal benefit.
He berated the governor for always lying to the public, saying the latest revelation had put to rest his “shameless  lies  in pursuit of fraudulent agenda for personal benefit while workers are unpaid for nine months”.
“With the latest revelation, we can now see that Fayose is a pathological liar, wicked and first class heartless soul who relies on reckless misinformation and deceit to mislead civil servants and general public to misapply the state’s funds for personal benefit.
“For a long time, he kept deceiving Ekiti people that he had not borrowed one kobo since assumption of office, blaming the debt profile on former Governor Kayode Fayemi.
“This is the same way he denied taking N2b ecological fund for a very long time until APC approached Ecological Fund office in Abuja to confirm the status of Ekiti State’s entitlement and three days after he finally confessed taking the money, he announced the award of ecological projects totalling exactly N2b even though up till now, there is no ecological project he executed with that money and the result is what we saw early in the year when floods ravaged several parts of the state.”
Describing Fayose as a man who has no human kindness in his veins, Olatunbosun lamented that despite putting the state to N56b debts within three years, what was visible were fraudulent elephant projects awarded to cronies at over-bloated costs for the alleged  governor’s personal benefits and those of his family members who were the alleged sub-contractors in all his alleged fraudulent contracts while workers and pensioners remained unpaid for months even as people suffered and hopeless about their lives.
Describing Fayose as a special breed of Ekiti son, Olatunbosun said:
“With this heartless attitude of a man who believes he can cheat three million Ekiti people who he gleefully calls morons because he believes that they are stupid, we are yet to reconcile Fayose’s conduct with any trait in Ekiti people who value honour, integrity, honesty and feeling for fellow human beings.
“But we can now see that Fayose’s fraudulent conducts during his first term are a child’s play compared to the current brazen fraudulent practices that Ekiti people now live with, which put them at the mercy of hunger and want while Fayose and members of his family live in opulence without the people challenging him.
“Just last week, he robbed members of his party who were delegates to PDP convention by collecting $10,000 on behalf of each of the 92 delegates but gave each delegate a pittance of N50,000 while their counterparts from other states went home with $10,000.
 “Fayose’s administration is a rogue regime; a failure that has placed self-enrichment and executive deceits far and above the people’s welfare and wellbeing.
“How can Fayose commit the state to so much debts, collect over three years allocations and other financial reliefs from the  Federal Government, yet he is owing workers and pensioners for months?
“He is taking advantage of every opportunity to criminally exploit Ekiti people, many of whom are sick, others are dying while the governor and his family members are contractors executing inflated contracts.
“Fayose will surely account and pay back every penny he and his family took from Ekiti covers through his elephant projects, and for the first time, he will know that Ekiti people are no fools he calls them.”