Father Dumps 2-Year-Old Daughter At `Maishayi’ Place

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A two-year-old girl has been abandoned at a local cafe, popularly known as `Maishayi’ place, in Lokoja, by a man believed to be her father.

Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development in Kogi, Bilikisu Momoh told newsmen on Friday in Lokoja that the girl was abandoned on January  7.

Momoh said that the man, had after buying a cup of tea for the girl, excused himself to buy some other things but failed to show up again.

She said that the tea seller after waiting for hours for the man to return, alerted officials of Lokoja Local Government, who in turn reported the matter to the police.

The commissioner said the police had handed over the little girl to officials of her ministry as they continue with investigation.

According to her, the girl has been subjected to series of tests and is found to be in good medical condition except for slight traces of malaria parasite in her blood.

Momoh appealed to the general public to help in locating the parents or relations of the girl.