Emulate great women of Africa… Ajimobi

Emulate great women of Africa… Ajimobi

Sam Oluwalana. Ibadan.

The executive governor of Oyo State Governor Abiola Ajimobi yesterday urged the good citizens of the state, especially women, to emulate the resilience and doggedness  of some great women in Africa, like the former Vice President of Zimbabwe,  Dr. Joyce Teurai Ropa Mujuru and a Senator of Bong County, Liberia, Sen. Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor in order to attain greatness..

Gov. Ajimobi said “those women, despite facing different challenges in life, still fight harder to make it to the top, and I think they are worthy to be emulated.”

Gov. Ajimobi handed down the advice at the 2017 National women summit  organized by the  Oyo State Officials’ Wives Association (OYSOWA) with the theme: ”the resilient woman; making a difference”.

Gov. Ajimobi also said that ” we started this program with just four first ladies, but today we have 21 First ladies here in our midst.

”This is to tell you that we are moving forward in this course, to make life meaningful for our women in the society.”

In her own address, the convener of the program Chief Mrs. Florence Abiola Ajimobi warned against referring to women as the weaker sex.

” Women is not a weaker sex and if you call a woman a weaker sex, you have committed a libel and its man’s injustice to call a woman, a weaker sex.

” Without women, men cannot be. If non-violence is the future of our being, the future is with woman, who can make a more effective appeal to the heart than a woman?.”

This year’s summit is ‘ ‘the resilient woman-making a difference.’.’ This theme was coined out of our appraisal of the life of the average woman and how she is able to survive and succeed against all odds. In the course of this appraisal, we discovered that the greatest strength of a successful woman is her resilience.

” A woman is therefore only able to make a difference in her society and the world at large, if she is able to recover quickly from the setbacks and vicissitudes that life may throw across her path. These setbacks could be financial, physical, emotional or even psychological.

” There is no successful woman today who doesn’t have a story or two to tell, I have mine and I am certain that millions of other women have their stories too, as does every woman in this hall today.

” Our theme this year is very apt and very instructive as well. We shall hear touching stories of resilience and the power of not losing focus even in the face of harsh and grave realities as well as how we can continue to make a difference in all our spheres of endeavour.” Mrs. Ajimobi said.
Speaking at the epoch event, the former Vice President of Zimbawe ,Dr. Teurai Majuru who is the Special Guest of Honour told the gathering that women must aspire to transform the society.

  ” we as  women must have desire to transform our society, and also we must have desire to always aim higher in the society, we must  ready to contribute our ideas to the development of our country.

“The era of sitting down at home and be making babies is over.  Nowadays, we must be ready to participate fully in governance. African women are not given enough chance to fully participate in government, but  I want to use this medium to encourage you to please start to do so because together we can change the world to a better place.

“Money should not be our priority and we should not be using money to measure our success we should be using the people we have touch their lives positively to measure our wealth and success.” Dr. Mujuru stressed.

The guest of honour at the event,  Senator Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor described women in the society as a resilient and courageous, as they struggle with all forms of pains in their life .

She said” the women struggle to deal with violence against women in the home, they struggle with the issues of balance and  gender equality. Despite all that, they will still come out strong of their challenges and therefore, live a better life.”

” We must be ready for change, when changes and opportunity meets with preparation, there will be success. We must know how to work together and network ourselves so that we can help ourselves move forward.

“I will urge you all to move closer to God and always discuss our goals and desires with Him and this will help us in our contact with him, but if your contact with him is poor, then you are off the key and it will be difficult for you to attain your desired destination.

“Good women must be able to identify her purpose in life to be successful, though challenges will come, you must be ready to face it and ready to do what is right at the right time.

“Find your purpose,  develop it,  and also find your voice and use it to develop another person’s story. If you need help,  speak out. We are to encourage and help one another.” Sen. Jewel stressed.