Dokubo Speaking The Mind Of Jonathan – Kawu

Ex-militant leader, Asari Dokubo is speaking the mind of President Goodluck Jonathan when hurling insults on Gen. Mihammadu Buhari over the Kaduna twin bomb blast, Deputy Minority Leader, Suleiman  Kawu has said.
In a statement yesterday, Kawu regretted that Dokubo has always found it convenient to levy allegation of perpetration of violence against the former Head of State and other northern leaders.
While he urged President Jonathan to call Dokubo to order over his excesses, Kawu also advised security agencies to investigate the former militant leader and charge him to court for inciting the public.
Kawu said he was forced to respond to Dokubo on this matter because keeping quiet would amount to allowing  the ex-militant leader to progress in error especially due to the gravity of the allegations he made against a highly respected leader in the country.
The statement reads: “We all know that Dokubo is not worth our time to react to anything he says as he is in the habit of denigrating people of high calibre and unquestionable character.
“However, I am compelled by the circumstances we found ourselves in the past one week, to as a matter of necessity respond to some of the gravious allegations Dokubo ‎ made primarily because of the personality involve.
“In a press briefing over the weekend, Dokubo alleged that our most revered leader and father General Muhammadu Buhari was responsible for the twin bomb blast that nearly took his life and that of Sheik Dahiru Bauchi in Kaduna.
“He alleged that Buhari planned the attacks and tried to take his own life.  It is worthy of note here that this is not the first, second and even third time the Niger Delta militant leader would make such allegations against top northern leaders.
“For two years, Dokubo has been singing war songs, pouring venoms on everyone else who disagreed with the Goodluck Jonathan government.
“While he continue to run down well respected leaders and statesmen and castigate the entire northern region, neither president Goodluck Jonathan nor any of the leaders from the south south region has cared to caution him or call him to order.
“This latest allegations is the highest form of disrespect, irresponsibility and  the figment of imagination of a criminal like Dokubo.
“Ordinarily, characters like Dokubo should be cooling their heads in jail for the many sins they have committed against the Nigerian state but today they are not only walking as free men, but they are accorded with state protection and cover by the Jonathan administration.
“In this, we do not need a sooth sayer to tell us that indeed, Asari Dokubo has been speaking the mind of Goodluck Jonathan and in most cases he spoke on his behalf and at his behest.
“It is instructive to note that the October 1st Independence day bombing in Abuja is still very much fresh in our minds.
“Despite desperate attempts by President Goodluck Jonathan to exonerate his kinsmen from it, courts of competent jurisdictions in both Nigeria and South Africa have established that Charles Okah, a former Niger Delta militant leader was behind it.
“The circumstances surrounding the twin Kaduna bombings and many others give room for suspicion of some other unseen hands in it other than what we are being told on daily basis by the Federal government and its security agencies.
“Dokubo, by his utterances, attitudes, arrogance and actions does not in any way portray him as a true  muslim who loves peace.
“A true and genuine muslim will at all times preach peace and seek peace but not Dokubo. He is one of those who use the name of Islam for his selfish motive and commit all manner of atrocities.
“His penchant for violence is unislamic because the Holy prophet said anyone who preaches violence is not with us. He therefore lacks understanding of Islam because what our religion stand for at all times is justice, peace and tranquillity and respect for one another.
“This is why I am questioning the sincerity ‎of Dokubo’s belief in Islam.
We are very much suspecting that Asari Dokubo is one of those who joined Islam in order to give it a bad name because his attitudes are in total variance with the teaching and tenets of Islam.
“Islam preaches that when a calamity befalls your brother or any other human being for that matter, ‎ you are charged to commensurate with him and show emphaty  and not try to cultivate cheap popularity with it.
“There’s no provision in Islam that support regionalism or tribalism. Dokubo has said that Jonathan is not qualified to be president. This he admitted but said he supports him because ‎they are brothers from the same place. This is unislamic. It is against Islamic teaching as there is no provision in islamm which promote sectionalism and tribalism.
“This further confirms our suspicion that indeed, the Boko Haram violence is being perpetrated by some persons who use Islam but are actually not true and genuine Muslims themselves.
“But let me warn Dakubo and his cohorts that nobody has the monopoly of violence.
Dokubo’s utterances in which he always come out to defend the Jonathan administration threatening violence is enough and we won’t tolerate this again. 
“FG should tell the whole world the offence Dokubo committed in Benin Republic when he was arrested last year. They know and Nigerians deserved to be told the truth.
“Why is it that more than 48 hours after he made the allegations against Buhari, neither the presidency or the federal government has cared to respond to him or even distant themselves from him?
“Why is it that Jonathan knowing that Dokubo is his kinsman, an Ijaw from the Niger Delta like him, continuous to pour venom on a people and their leaders without calling him to order? Mr. Jonathan has both legal and moral duty to do so but because Dokubo is doing his biddings, the president again and again does not give a damn.
“Is it that Mr. President thinks Dokubo is helping him by insulting others? This I must say is a big minus to the president and his government and that Dokubo is a huge liability to the government than an asset.
“General Buhari is and has always been a man of peace, and highly revered by the people as one leader who remain incorruptible both in character and content. To associate him with anything as bombing and killing of innocent lives is the height of mischief, insincerity, dishonesty, wickedness  and irresponsibility.
“I am using this opportunity to urge president Jonathan to in his own interest call Dokubo to order. Also, the various security agencies should as a matter of urgency investigate the militant leader and charge him to court for inciting the public.
“Mr. Jonathan should know that his continued silence on these allegations against Buhari by Dokubo is not golden as not only me but all right thinking Nigerians will be made to believe that indeed, he spoke for him.
“Enough is enough”.