Despite Appeal Court Ruling, PDP Govs, Others Reject Modu-Sheriff

Despite Appeal Court Ruling, PDP Govs, Others Reject Modu-Sheriff

Says He’s A Traitor, Takes Case To Supreme Court


Notwithstanding the latest favourable two-to-one judgment in favour of Senator Ali Modu-Sheriff, and his endorsement by former President Goodluck Jonathan, governors and other organs of the party, under the name “PDP Stakeholders,” on Monday in Abuja, insisted that the embattled National Chairman remains an orphan and leper with whom none must come in contact.

Rising from a meeting at the Ekiti state governor lodge, Abuja, the meeting deliberated on the outcome of the Appeal Court Judgment which ceded the leadership of the party to Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, which they rejected, endorsing instead, the decision of the party’s May 21, 2016 National Convention in Port Harcourt that constituted the Makarfi-led National Caretaker Committee, insisting that the convention did not violate any Order of the Court

The stakeholders “fully endorsed the prompt and proactive decision of the National Caretaker Committee to lodge an appeal to the Supreme Court of Nigeria against the decision of the Court of Appeal as well as filing an application for injunction 9, pending appeal all of which was done in the morning of Monday 20th February 2017,” while declaring abiding faith in the capacity of the judiciary to protect the nation’s democracy and political aspirations of its people.

The meeting, while also passing “a resounding and unqualified vote of confidence in the leadership of the Sen. Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi-led National Caretaker Committee of the (PDP), pledged their unalloyed support to its ability to pilot the party’s affairs at this critical transitional period of the party’s life.

“To this end, we are not at all deceived by the supposed olive branch being offered by Sen. Ali Modu Sherrif, knowing that the only thing that can come from traitors of his ilk is nothing but a poisoned chalice and a Greek gift.

“The meeting reiterates that the party’s Constitution stipulates the process of democratically electing officers of the party and therefore emphatically rejects any imposition such as those being illegally paraded as officers the party by Sen. Ali Modu Sherrif,” the meeting noted.

Reviewing the state of affairs in the country, the party decried “the mismanagement of our economy by the APC-led Federal Government, the decline in investor confidence and massive capital flight leading to the Nigerian currency (becoming) the worst performing on the African continent; the dehumanization of Nigerians, the abridgement of fundamental human rights, persecution of political opponents, and the return to the dark days of mindless dictatorship and the reign of fear, all leading to a state of helplessness and hopelessness.”

The party further reaffirmed its commitment to return Nigeria in 2019 to the path of Economic growth and respect for fundamental human rights as guaranteed by the country’s constitution.