Curse On Human Traffickers : Oba’s Pronouncement Irreversible, Says Ogievie

Curse On Human Traffickers : Oba’s Pronouncement Irreversible, Says Ogievie
Prince Ogievie 1 has stated that whatever pronouncement the Benin Monarch, Omo N’Oba N’Edo Uku  Akpolopolo, Oba Ewuare 11, N’Ogidigan, has made regards any issue can never be reversed.

He stated this while answering questions from a British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)  correspondent who came to make some enquiries from him.
Prince Ogievie stressed that contrary to the claim in some quarters that the recent pronouncement the monarch made on some evil doers and their accomplices could be reverted, he said it has never been heard whereby the Oba’s decree is challenged.
He stated : “Before the Oba made the pronouncement a lot of evil had been perpetrated by some elements who thrive on mischief.
“Such individuals were casting a wrong impression on the customs and traditions of the Benin people just because of their insatiable quest for wealth.
“The Omo N’Oba after careful consideration had to come in to save the situation by making the pronouncement. With this action a lot of people have been set free from the bondage that they were placed for no justifiable reason by some evil doers.
“If after this pronouncement some elements feel they can continue unabated in their evil deeds then they will reap the full weight of the repercussion which is death.
“For some people to now go about talking of a reversion of the final word of the Oba is wishful thinking. It holds no water in the customs and traditions of Benin land.”