CESJET Berates Governors Over Non-Performance, Negligence Of Duty

CESJET Berates Governors Over Non-Performance, Negligence Of Duty

Chris Steven, Abuja

The Centre for Social Justice, Equity and Transparency (CESJET) has carpeted some state governors in the country for abandoning  their mandate in pursuit of ventures that have no bearing on what they were elected to do.

The Center said the trend has resulted in an obvious failing of governance, worsened the economy of the country at large and has created the risk of a citizens’ uprising if not immediately addressed.

In a statement issued in Abuja on Thursday, Executive Director of CESJET Comrade Joyce Adamu noted that the ugly situation came about because the governors have a poor understanding their roles, which he said  is why they spend more time outside the country.

While arguing that all the 36 governors, irrespective of party affiliations, were guilty of non-performance,  he said it was pertinent that the governors  immediately retrace their steps if they want to regain relevance in the country.

“A situation where they persist in this no performance and exploiting the poor understanding of the responsibilities of the three tiers of government on the part of the citizens to cover up for their failings cannot continue indefinitely. The fact that Nigerians blame either the federal or local government is no license to continue fooling the populace.

The state governors have reduced themselves to fulfilling the roles that would have been expected of local government chairmen while leaving the issue of their people’s economic empowerment to the federal government knowing fully well that it is their responsibility.

Their excuse that states are broke is untenable since they are still able to undertake expensive foreign trips at the expense of their respective states. The claim that the states are broke would be acceptable if they can prove that they are no longer able to fuel their convoys from their states’ capitals to Abuja. But to the extent that they can afford expensive flight tickets and extotic hotels abroad they must stop lying that their states are broke.” He said

He also challenged the governors to tell their citizens what cost cutting measures they have implemented since the recession was declared adding that theyy must also prove the result that such cost cutting measures have yielded.

“We make these demands because we know that not only have the governors been lazy in coming up with winning economic ideas to turn their states around, they have also been wasteful even in the management of funds designated as bailout intervention by the federal government.

It is depressing that governors are continue to live lives of opulence while the long suffering people that elected them are wallowing in bitter poverty that they have no hope of exiting if the states continue to operate like casinos and ATMs for the ruling class.

We advise the governors to take heed and return to fulfilling the mandate for which they were elected as the growing hardship and discontent in the land will consume them first if the people do not immediately begin to see a seriousness to turn the situation around on their part.” Comrade Adamu said