I Can’t dump APC, Amaechi, Says Lloyed

I Can’t dump APC, Amaechi, Says Lloyed
  • Warns those carrying rumours of his exit from APC to leave him alone

Paul Obiajunwo, Port Harcourt

The former leader of Rivers State House of Assembly, Hon. Chidi LIoyed says his loyalty to the All Progressive Congress (APC) and the leader of the party in Rivers State, Mr. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, who is the honourable Minister of Transportation, remains unflagging.

Lloyd who was the leader of the 6th and 7th Assembly in Rivers State and a strong supporter of Amaechi said he has gone too far to return back, as to display disloyalty to APC and Amaechi.

 He disclosed this yesterday in Port Harcourt, Rivers State capital while reacting on a press briefing organized by the South East APC supporters who claimed that leaders in the zone including LIoyed are unhappy over unfair political appointment by President Buhrai’s administration.

The aggrieved South East APC supporters during the press briefing threatened to dump APC if the party failed to consider Hon. Chidi LIoyed, Ezemonye Ezekiel-Amadi and Igo Aguma who they claimed have not been considered for appointment.

But LIoyd, while responding to the statement yesterday said those who organized the press conference did not seek his consent  before going public on the issue he can never agitate on.

He said he is mindful of the dynamic of politics, adding that those who organized the press conference may have been paid to tarnish his reputations.

He noted that he is worried over the said press briefing because some people are after his life, stressing that before his house was bunt down in his home town efforts were being made to deliver corpses into his compound on 14th of February, 2016.

He called on the politicians to leave him alone, “please leave me alone, my life is under threat, all I need now is peace, I am not the only politician in the state, my family and I want peace and safety.

“There was no time I directed anybody to hold a press conference on my behalf, they did not seek my consent, whatever the intention of those who organized the conference are, the least they could have done is to seek my concept.

“ I am also mindful of the dynamics of politics,  this may also be a political buccaneer, I did not complain to anybody about appointment. I was privileged to have represented my constituency for about 12 years. It is also proper that other people should be given the opportunity to contribute toward nation building.

“Those in Rivers State know what I have being going through, only recently my house was set on fire by person I do not know. I have no quarrel with anybody, other then the quarrel that happened in Rivers State House of Assembly in 2013.”