Buhari’s war against corruption is not fought transparently – Tunde Bakare

Buhari’s war against corruption is not fought transparently – Tunde Bakare

Chris Steven, Abuja

Tunde Bakare, senior pastor of the Latter Rain Assembly, says President Muhammadu Buhari’s war against corruption has not been fought in a sustainable or fair manner.

Bakare carpeted the President for treating some of the accused with kid gloves while others have been hammered their guilt has not been completely established.

He bared his mind on Channels Television’s special political programme, Roadmap 2019 which airs on Monday.

 “All I hear today is corruption is fighting back, it’s a thing of deep concern for me that up till this hour, three years after, except the likes of Dasuki who had been detained more or less forever for whatever reasons, I’ve not seen any serious conviction.

“I’ve seen pats on the back via return some and leave on the rest and I’ve seen sensationalism and if we turn the searchlight into the body politic in Nigeria, it will not be absolutely out of place to say the synonym for politics in Nigeria is banditry, regardless of who is in power.”

Pastor Bakare who was a former running mate to President Buhari at the 2011 general elections, has been a constant critique of the government.

On several occasions, he has faulted the Buhari-administration for failing to deliver on its major campaign promises.

Among other issues, he has also expressed worry about the killings of innocent people in Benue State and some other parts of the country, saying the attacks have shown that the country needs to renegotiate its union.

He has however insisted that he has a role to play in the nation’s leadership, although not necessarily through an election.