…As Voting For Nominees Resumes
It is now official that a foremost Local Council Development Area (LCDA) in Lagos State, Mosan-Okunola, would be playing host to Islamic Music and Associated Nominees (IMAN) Awards 2018! The organizers of the awards, Different Stroke Media (DSM), have revealed. According to a Press Statement signed by their Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.), Saheed Ojubanire, and sent to this medium, DSM had been in talks with the top hierarchy of the LCDA under the distinguished leadership of an amiable Executive Chairman, Hon. Princess Olabisi Adebajo for sometime and the talks have ultimately been finalized. Hence, the distinguished Executive Chairman would be playing the Chief Host to the awards this year.
Though a Christian, the Executive Chairman according to the statement, would be setting an exemplary standard in Nigeria at the Local Council level that the populace should see themselves as one, regardless of their religious differences and stand together for the progress of the society at large. She was quoted to have opined that, “If Nigeria must progress, we must shun anything that divides us and always embrace everything that unites us. And if we must instil that trait in our people, it is always better from the government at the grassroots because we are the closest to the real people. And I must confess that I am higly impressed that IMAN Award project has been recognising even Christians, who are considered to be contributing their quota to the growth of the Islamic music industry in Nigeria as you, the organizers, have shown from your records since the prestigious awards started. So, we at Mosan-Okunola LCDA are glad to associate with such an initiative.”
Meanwhile, according to the statement, the voting process for nominees for the 2018 edition of the awards which was put on hold over a week ago as a result of telephone network problem that was denying people the opportunity to vote for their favourite nominees, has resumed. Members of the public could, with immediate effect, start voting in all the categories of the awards because the network problem had been substantially resolved. ” Though there are still some issues with MTN but Airtel has been able to sort out the problem fully. And instead of the just MTN and Airtel which were initially announced as the phone networks to vote with, we have now brought other mobile telephone networks in Nigeria on board to save time. Now people can vote from all networks including Airtel, 9Mobile and Glo, while we expect MTN to sort things out as time goes on.” The statement disclosed.
The statement then revealed further that the voting exercise had now been extended till Sunday, November 11th to recover some of the lost time to the telephone network problem and the award event is now slated for Sunday, November 18th, at Mosan-Okunola LCDA Mutipurpose Hall, Water Bus-Stop, Ipaja Road, Lagos.
The award voting categories, are therefore, as re-presented below with a minor correction on the title of an album released by a female Islamic artiste in the Album of the Year Category which was wrongly referred to as “Suuru” instead of the correct title of “Al-Quran”…
The votes should be sent to a short code: 33811 using all mobile telephone networks in Nigeria (note: MTN is still having issues with their network but all other telephone networks are going through). And the procedure is to type: “IMAN”, leave a space, type the serial number of the category you are voting in i.e.: “1”, leave a space, and then type the name of your favourite nominee as written on the list and send to 33811. For example: IMAN 1 Dare Melody or IMAN 2 Tope Alabi and send to 33811.
Below are the nominations for IMAN Awards 2018:
Islamic Music:
(1) Best Male Islamic Artiste: Saoty Arewa, Ere Asalatu, Ahmad Alawiye, Ayeloyun, Ridwan Dosunmu, Ibrahim Labaeka.
(2) Best Female Islamic Artiste: Obi Rere, Ruqoyaah Gawat, Mistura Temi Ni Success, Medinat Barrytide, Iyanghana, Azeezat Otibiya.
(3) Best Islamic Music Album: Oyin Ni Temi (Jemila Ope Dudu), Adua (Ere Asalatu), Igbeyawo (Saoty Arewa), E’Samin (Wasiu As-Sideeq), Al-Quran (Obi Rere), Olohun To Dami (Mutiu Akasho).
(4) Best Islamic Music Video: Oni Ni (Ere Asalatu), Islam (Saoty Arewa), Kadara Eni (Obi Rere), I Miss You Muhammad (Alfa Mi Ni).
(5) Best Islamic Hip Hop Artiste: Hyb Addis, Lawizzy, Al-Mubarak Kewuyemi, Gentle Malam, Abdulbaasit Allaahu-Ni, Aboki Anobi.
(6) Face of Islamic Music [Male]: Ere Asalatu, Ahmad Alawiye, Ayeloyun, Saoty Arewa, Mumeen Esinogbamilaye, Wasiu As-Siddeeq.
(7) Face of Islamic Music [Female]: Obi Rere, Iyankaola, Omotayebi, Wabilahi Taofeeq, Hafusat As-Sideeq, Iyanghana.
(8) Best New Male Islamic Artiste: Odere Arole Arewa, Oluomo Hamowiy, Aridunnu Ayeloyun, Tajudeen Omo Jeje, Awoko Sheu, Razak Kakaaki.
(9) Best New Female Islamic Artiste: Ashabi Lady Saoty, Balikis Ariyo, Kudirat Ike Anobi, Lateefat Qomorudeen, Halima Ariremako, Modinat Alanu-Omo.
(10) Most Fashionable Male Islamic Artiste: Ahmad Alawiye, Saoty Arewa, Ere Asalatu, Ayeloyun, Amir Cisse, Saheed Aotipoto.
(11) Most Fashionable Female Islamic Artiste: Wabilahi Taofeeq, Queen Seidah Rasheedah, Barry Tide, Iyanghana, Omotayebi, Rukayat Basirimi.
(12) Best Islamic Kid Artiste: Malik Okiki, Sabeeq Eleshinla, Golden Son, Aishat Ayopo.
(13) Best Islamic Artiste in Stage Performance: Mistura Temi Ni Success, Ahmad Alawiye, Omotayebi, Mariam Akiki, Ayeloyun, Ibraheem Labaika.
(14) Best Islamic Artiste in Diaspora: Latifa Omo Cairo (Egypt), Seidah Basirat Subair Olaogun (Dublin), Rodiat Adeboye (Dublin), Tajudeen Olanrewaju Rahman (America), Adhakir Tijani (Mr.Zhikri) (United Kingdom), Sekinat Omidiya (United Kingdom).
(15) Best Popular Tune Adaptation in Islamic Music: Saoty Arewa (Ligali Mukaiba Tune), Jemila Ope Dudu (Bolojo Tune), Kayefi (Apala Tune), Mutiu Akasho (Ajiwere Tune).
(16) Best Zhikri Based Islamic Artiste: Kifayat Jejeniwa, Queen Seidah Rasheedah, Ridwan Dosunmu, Jemila Ope Dudu, Iyanghana, Seidah Ahmowiyah.
(17) Best Nashid Artiste: Crescents, Abdul-Azeez Shakirudeen, Muhammad Abdullah, Husayn Zaguru, Kabir Umar.
(18) Best Islamic Hip Hop Song: Azikiri (Al-Mubarak Kewuyemi), Battlefield (Ibn-Ridoh), Masha Allah (Hyb Addis), Allahu Akbar (Aboki Anobi), Mohammad ( Azakir Atapawiy).
(19) Fastest Rising Male Islamic Artiste: Mutiu Akasho, Hassan Omo Idunnu, Saheed Aotipoto, Kayefi, Onisuru Imotola.
(20) Fastest Rising Female Islamic Artiste: Awoko Arewa, Silifat Talolohun, Golden Kaphy, Ummu Niyass, Saida Fayegbami, Nafisat Eniafe.
(21) Best Islamic Music Collaboration: Aforijin (Obi Rere), Divorce (Saoty Arewa), Ramadan ( Akobi Esan 1), Ramadan (Medinat Barry Tide).
Associated Nominees:
(22) Best Featured Non Islamic Artiste in Islamic Music: Pasuma, Saheed Osupa, Sefiu Alao, Sule Alao Malaika, Taye Currency, Adaradenu Jamaica.
(23) Best Islamic Music Video Editor: Saheed Oyeledun, Michael Oke, Emmanuel Agbozo, Sulaimon Solaja, Aduragba Ahmed.
(24) Best Islamic Music Marketer: Okiki, Golden Point, Epsalum, Mustoy, Abcon Music, Hasolad.
(25) Best Islamic Music Promoter: Golden Point, Okiki, Abcon Music.
(26) Best Supportive Radio Station to Islamic Music: Faaji f.m. (Lagos), Bond f.m. (Lagos), Radio Lagos (Lagos), Family f.m. (Abeokuta), Harmony f.m. (Ilorin).
(27) Best Supportive Individual to Islamic Music: MC Oluomo, Ibraheem Dende, Yusuf Oko-Oloyun, Ajifat.
(28) Best Islamic Music Friendly Broadcaster (Male): Kokoro Alujana, Baakini, Daud Alapotiowo.
(29) Best Islamic Music Friendly Broadcaster (Female): Ewa Islam, Iya Sunna, Kudirat Ashani Olayinka.
(30) Best Supportive Islamic Cleric to Islamic Music: Sheikh Muri n Bariga, Sheikh Alfulanny Olanrewaju, Sheikh Jamiu Ami Olohun, Sheikh Sakorphy.
(31) Best Reporter of Islamic Music: Taofik Afolabi, Gbolahan Adetayo, Kazeem Aderohunmu, Samad Kewuyemi.
(32) Best Make-Up Artist in Islamic Music Video Shoot: Dammy Adams, Oluwatosin Adenusi, Joke Kupoluyi, Dayo Samuel, Titilayo Alausa, Aminat Ganiu.
(33) Best Camera Handler in Islamic Music Video Shoot: Adewale Yusuuf, Azeez Luqman, Adisa Lawal, Yomi Tijani.
(34) Best Studio Engineer in Islamic Music Production: T Reign (HXT Sound Studio), Ola Kewusola (Zeemac Sound Studio), Mathew Samuel ( Icon Tune Studio).
(35) Best Islamic Artiste’s Manager: Lukman Abdulsalam (Saoty Arewa), Ore-Ofe Idowu (Ere Asalatu), Babajide Sholu (Ayeloyun), Muritadho Sulaiman (Mistura Temi Ni Success), Ayilara Ajasa (Iyanghana), Odusanya Babatunde (Ruqoyaah Gawat).
(36) Best Islamic Artiste’s Fans’ Club Exco: Rufai Baseerat (Iyanghana Fans’ Club), Mujeedah Omo Imole ( Ruqoyaah Gawat Fans’ Club), Sulaimon Owoiya (Saoty Arewa Fans’ Club).
(37) Best Islamic Music Producer: Ariyo Producer, Kehinde Oriyomi, Yemi Crownfit, Taiwo Alimi, Issa Alabede, Kazeem Akogba.
(38) Best Islamic Music Video Director: Big Doo, Dare Zaka, Lacadelly, L. Anisere, Big Cass, D. Mayor.
(39) Best Islamic Music Instrumentalist: Ademola Ayeloja, Elegun Akeem, Kanamo Ganiu, Lateef Alao, Wale Oshogbo, Johnson Ayanlowo.
It should be noted that, like it was done in 2017, some new members would be inducted into IMAN Awards 2018 Hall of Fame and that include: Mr. Peter Anayor Okafor (Golden Point), Alhaji Mumeen Damilola (Esinogbamilaye), Alhaja Hafusat As-Sideeq (Ola Fathia), Alhaji Lukmon Ajao Babatunde (Eluku @ 40), Mr. Musiliu Sanni ( Mr. Bebe), Mr. Dipo Orishadipe (Big Doo) and Mr. Olatunji Ayinla (T Reign). And it is instructive to add that their induction which would be conducted by Dr. Ambrose Somide, the Managing Director, Radio Services, DAAR Communications Plc., would be regardless of whether those of them nominated in some relevant award categories win it or not.
There would also be presentation of Special Recognition Award to Veleta Fruit Drink as the Most Supportive Fruit Drink Brand to Islamic Music in Nigeria, another to Finger King Small Chops as the Most Supportive Finger Food Brand to Islamic Music in Nigeria, and another to Ijebulawa Garri as the Most Supportive Staple Food Brand to Islamic Music in Nigeria, at the event.
For enquiries, participation or to know the forms of sponsorship available in the awards, Saheed Ojubanire can be reached on: 07034570500 or email: [email protected]

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