Breaking: Hausas, Natives In Violent Clash In Abuja

Breaking: Hausas,  Natives In Violent Clash In Abuja

….widespread burning, lootings over land dispute

Sam Oluwalana

There is heavy lootings and burning ongoing between native Gbagis and Hausas in the Federal Capital Territory at the moment.

Reports said residents of the Bwari area of Abuja, the nation’s capital are running helter skelter on the road that leads to the Nigeria Law School, as there is a violent clash between the two groups on Christmas day.

Although the cause of the mayhem is still hazy at the moment, but another reliable report has it that it might be not be unconnected with a lingering crisis over land in the area.

Several cars, shops and make shift residences have been burnt by the feuding parties, while a detachment of Policemen that have tried to move into the area have been prevented from entering the area by the rioters.

Another source also told Guardian that some fire fighters who have managed to arrive the scene of the mayhem have been chased away, with their truck vandalized by some of the violent …

A resident , who said he is a scrap iron dealer in the area said; ”We woke up this morning, to notice that some of the Hausas and Gbagis have been insulting each other and there was pockets of violent arguments going on between some individuals.

”According to some people who were around yesterday, there have been some infighting among the two groups since yesterday, but it got to an head this morning, when some youths started throwing stones at each other.

”We have to run for our dear lives when things got ugly. they have been burning and vandalizing shops and all the vehicles in the vicinity, for hours now.