Boko Haram attacks jail, frees 40 inmates

Boko Haram attacks jail, frees 40 inmates

At least forty inmates of the Damaturu Prison were freed Sunday following an attack by suspected members of dreaded Islamist terrorist group, Boko Haram.

Armed with guns and explosives the suspected terrorists were said to have raided the prison, shooting four guards and freeing the inmates.

Although Police claimed the jail was not holding any Boko Haram members, the attack bore striking resemblance to those previously conducted by the self- acclaimed Jihadists especially in Kogi State.

Yobe State police Commissioner, Patrick Egbuniwe, confirmed the attack but stated that adding that one of the inmates was re-arrested and another was killed.

According to a prison official, the raiding party threw two explosives and open fire, forcing their way into the central prison in Damaturu.

“A prison guard responded and there was a shootout, but the attackers overpowered the prison guards and broke into the prison,” said the officer, who was not there at the time but gathered information from colleagues.

On Friday, President Goodluck Jonathan sacked his national security adviser and defence minister amid growing fears over spiralling violence in the country.