Biafra Sit-At-Home Grounds Business Activities In Rivers

Biafra Sit-At-Home Grounds Business Activities In Rivers
Paul Obiajunwo, Port Harcourt
Business activities in Port Harcourt and its environs in Rivers State, were yesterday, paralysed following the Sit-at-home order declared by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).
the post  checks showed that all  business outfits and locations owned by Igbo traders and supporters of Biafra struggle were not opened,  even at the time of filing the report.
Also,  traffic jam,  which Port Harcourt is known for,  especially ever-busy major routes like Ikwerre and Aba roads,  disappeared. Passengers struggled to get vehicles to continue their journey.
Banks also experienced low patronage as a result of the Biafra Sit-at-home order.
Some traders and transporters who spoke with Daily Sun, said they did not regret the losses in terms of money they incurred for their decision to adhere to the IPOB directive.
Findings showed that buyers had serious difficulties in getting traders meet their demands as majority of the traders in the city complied to the directive.
The traders along Ada-George Road in the State capital,  said disclosed that they would lose over N500 million for closing shops,  but quickly said they did not regret it.
According to Okey Nwamama  from Enugu State,  who is the Zonal Coordinator,  IPOB Garden City Decorating Building Materials,  Mile 4,  Port Harcourt,  Federal Government should learn from the effect of the losses to the nation’s economy due to the Sit-at-home order.
Nwamama said: “Today is our day, and we are proud to be Biafran citizens. The Sit-at-home order we are observing today,  in commemoration of the fallen heroes of Biafra nation, is a welcome development. What you are seeing today,  shows that the Biafra nation has one spirit.  Federal Government cannot deny the effect of this to the nation’s economy.
“We are not interested in the economy of Nigeria; we are not intimidated by whatever that is happening around us by the Nigerian government.  What we are saying is that Biafra has come to be and no one can stop it.
“We do not care about what we lose today, as a result of the Sit-at-home order we are observing today.  No Igbo citizen is compelled to observe the order.  But,  we are moved by the spirit of oneness ; the spirit of brotherhood.  That is what you are seeing today”,  he stated.
Similarly,  Ejike Omenka , a Port Harcourt-based businessman from Abia State,  expressed: “History is made today,  in the country and Port Harcourt,  Rivers State,  in particular, by this Sit-at-home order which IPOB gave to all Igbo-loving people wherever they are.  Though,  our shops are closed today,  we are undaunted in this struggle.
” Even if we are asked to stay for a week,  we will observe it with  free mind and we will feed well.  People ruling this country will know that they cannot toy with the Biafran nation.  If our leader,  Nnamdi Kanu, could maintain his stance after being incarcerated for more than a year and six months by Nigerian security, what is a Sit-at-home order for just a day”?
Also,  Augustine Okafor, a commercial bus driver, from Anambra State, said he did not regret joining other Biafra fateful to observe yesterday’s IPOB Sit-at-home order.
“I have no reason to carry out any business today,  because this date,  May 30, is sacred to Biafran people.  This Sit-at-home directive should be made an annual ritual to remember our dead heroes and to enliven our spirit in the struggle.  There is no going back in the Biafra struggle.  We must sustain it”,  he declared.
However,  the security situation in Port Harcourt and its environs, was not intimidating,  although,  there were armed policemen stationed at some strategic places in the State capital. There was no reported case of violence.