Bedbugs Found On British Airways Plane

Bedbugs Found On British Airways Plane

By Tunde Osho (with agency reports)

Ghana’s Minister for Aviation, Madam Cecilia Abena Dapaah has issued a strong warning to British Airways, that government will take drastic action against the airline if it continues to provide substandard treatment to passengers flying its routes to Ghana.

The warning followed an incident that occurred on a bedbug-infested British Airways plane, bound for the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) from Heathrow.

The cabin crew of the aircraft after seeing the bedbugs few minutes before takeoff protested, and subsequently walked off, leading to a delay in the flight.

Speaking to journalists on the issue, Madam Dapaah expressed government’s disappointment for the numerous disrespectful treatment meted out to passengers who ply the Ghana route.

“We have appealed to them, to make sure all flights that are deemed to come to the KIA are all fumigated. If we ever see one bedbug or any untoward thing on their flight, we will take a drastic action. It should not have happened in the first place, and it should never happen again,” she stressed.

She stated that the Ministry has received several complaints from passengers, describing how airlines that ply the Ghana routes handle passengers with disdain.

“The one that broke the camel’s back was the bedbug-infested flight that was being scheduled to fly to KIA, with our cherished royals, many Ghanaians, and other cherished passengers,” she said.

Madam Dapaah pointed out that the protest by the cabin crew, and their subsequent refusal to board the plane to Ghana, showed that the workers were fed up with the bad condition that passengers have endured for long a time.

“Fortunately for us, their own staff walked off the plane because they noticed bedbugs crawling on all the seats and that was a big shame to an international airline like British Airways.”

She stated that the warning also goes to all airlines that act unprofessionally on the Ghana routes.