AUST Develops Nano Particles To Cure Cancer – President

AUST Develops Nano Particles To Cure Cancer – President

…to train NASDA officials in space technology

Chris Steven, Abuja

The African University of Science and Technology, (AUST), Abuja  may have recorded a breakthrough in finding a way out in the treatment of cancer in human body with the development of Nano particles.

According to the President of the University,  Professor Kingston Nyamapfene, some PhD students at the University have succeeded in using Nano particles to attack cancer cells in the body as against the use of radiation that kills both good and bad cells in the body.

Professor Nyamapfenee who disclosed this in Abuja at the weekend during the 10th year pre-anniversary press conference of the science and research-oriented institution explained that the nano particles target only the cancer cells in the body without damaging any other good cell.

“With the combination of physics and materials science, we have developed new technology called Nano technology, particularly using Nano particles of a very small size. We have a couple of PhD students who have done work on that regard and published in international journals.

And the work is to look at the possibility using Nano particles for screening of cancer. The reason for doing that is we all know that the use of x-rays kill other good cells in the body whereas the nano particles target only the cancer cells. It doesn’t interfere with the rest of the body. There is also good work that has been done in developing a cheap method of filtering water.” He said

He also revealed that the University is set to assist the National Space Development Agency (NASDA) to develop the capacity of its personnel.

“Our programmes are set up to address issues in five specific  areas; we don’t go outside that we don’t have Biological sciences, we don’t have agriculture, we don’t have medicine. We have programmes in Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Petroleum Engineering and Material Science. Our research also focuses on those areas.

We have started working with the National Space Development Agency to actually support the development of some of their personnel by creating a number of programmes at the Masters and Doctoral levels. We are doing that in order to ensure that the quality they saw in our programmes which made them to come us is a quality that we can impact on them. So we are actually taking care of that area for the nation.

There are 550 engineers and scientists with PhD working at NASDA. My question is , are these people really being put to good use? NASDA is an organisation that can commercialise some of its activities so that those people who are in the employment of the state can be service providers to other people.” He added