Arrest Of Judges: JUSUN Summons Emergency NEC, Calls For Unconditional Release

Arrest Of Judges: JUSUN Summons Emergency NEC, Calls For Unconditional Release

Chris Steven, Abuja

The Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria (JUSUN) has described the  arrest of some Judges, accused of corruption by the Department of Security Services (DSS) as uncivilised, calling for their unconditional release.

The Union has also summoned an emergency National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting for Tuesday 11, October 2016 to deliberate  the next line of action, if nothing is done to forestall the sanctity of the Judiciary as an arm of government.

National President of JUSUN, Comrade Marwan Mustapha Adamu in a statement signed by the National Public Relations Officer, Comrade Koin Selepreye, said though the union is in  support of  the anti-corruption war of the present administration, the rule of law must be respected.

JUSUN lamented the gestapo style of the DSS on the matter, stressing that the secret police should have forward the names of the corrupt officers to the National Judicial Council  (NJC) which is the statutory body that can punish or dismiss any erring judicial officer.

 While calling on members of the union to remain calm on what he described as “inversion of Judiciary”, Comrade Marwan said an emergency meeting of the organ of the union has been fixed for Tuesday 11, October 2016  to take a decision to ensure the right thing is done.

‎ ” We received with disappointment the news of raiding and subseqent arrest of some Judges in Nigeria who were accused of corruption in an inhuman manner. It is sad that   as a Security agency which primary duty includes intelligent gathering and the protection of Senior Government officials would now perform its duties in a gestapo style

The National Office of the Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria (JUSUN)  rejects this unfortunate trend.  To think that an agency like the DSS where it is expected that the Rule of Law and due process will be strictly adhere to, would now under whatever guise not do the right thing.

In as much as we do not support corruption,  we frown at the manner with which the DSS is going about its duty as it is very vindictive and unacceptable to us.  We therefore urge the DSS and all Security Agencies to respect the Rule of Law for democracy to strive stronger in Nigeria”. Comrade Marwan said