APGA In Rivers Demands Cancellation Of Presidential Poll

APGA In Rivers Demands Cancellation Of Presidential Poll


Paul Obiajunwo, Port Harcourt

The leadership of All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) in Rivers State has protested against the outcome of Presidential and National House of Assembly elections, described it as a shame and huge waste of resources.

 The protest which started by  12pm from Port Harcourt City Local government  (PHALGA)to Rivers State INEC office attracted APGA party Chieftains in the state and candidates who insisted that election did not hold in Rivers State.

Briefing the press yesterday during the Protest in Port Harcourt, Rivers State capital, the state chairman of APGA   Hon. Terri Godffery  said APGA leadership in the state is protesting the worst election ever conducted in the history of Rivers State.

He said the party is calling for outright cancellation of Rivers election, adding that security personnel and INEC officials collaborated to mess up the entire elections.

“We are calling on the INEC chairman, the Rivers State resident electoral commissioner to investigate Rivers election especially PHALGA Federal constitution 1 and Ikwerre/Emohua Federal constituency where we have evidence of how police and INEC officials thumb printed for PDP.

 “To be frank with you there was no election in Rivers State even where election was conducted there were no result sheets. Base on this fact, we are calling for outright cancellation of Rivers State election; INEC cannot make mockery of our election.”

Chief Hon. Brave Nwobo, APGA House of Representative candidate   PHAGA Federal Constituency 1, who strongly believe that if election were to be conducted  with free and fair he will win, said party agent who are not members of PDP were given a severe beaten at the polling units.

He said if effort by his party to ensure the cancellation of Rivers State election failed, he will use his last resources and blood to ensure that at least his own constituency would be cancelled.

He revealed that all the frauds committed by INEC and Police during the Presidential Poll were been recorded, saying that he is just waiting for INEC investigation to present those evidence to them.

“In my ward, PDP officials gave out money to voters at the polling units and INEC officials and security personnel were watching them. In fact, INEC officials and Police became PDP members. It was an eye saw, we recorded when police officers and INEC officials where thumb printing for PDP.

“We are ready to present a video record when we are called upon by INEC, all evidences are intact waiting when INEC will request for them. I am appealing to the world to tell INEC that no result sheet was presented in Rivers State “