APC Has No Solution To Our Problems, Corruption Now Official In Nigeria…ASUU

APC Has No Solution To Our Problems, Corruption Now Official In Nigeria…ASUU

..”our leaders are slaves, they pander to their colonial masters”

Sam Oluwalana, Ibadan

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has stated that the ruling political party and its opposition, have no inkling of what governance is all about and that they don’t have the solutions for the myriads of problems in the country.

In a Press Conference addressed by the Chairman of the University of Ibadan branch of the association, Dr. Deji Omole at the Correspondents’ Chapel, Mokola, Ibadan, the association added that Nigerian leaders are slaves and so does not believe Nigeria, but panders to the whims of their colonial masters to win elections and also to take instructions on their programs in office.

Dr. Omole wondered why the country cannot refine its oil, even though the simplest form of refining process in organic Chemistry is cracking, which is readily available in the country.

His words; ”This is not the Nigeria of our dream. Our leaders don’t believe in Nigeria, they are slaves.

”If you have ten slaves and make one of them, their leader, once the leader does not see himself as fellow slave, the rest cannot be emancipated.

”If our leaders believe in Nigeria, they won’t steal our money and place them in foreign banks.

The University senior lecturer also took a swipe at the ruling class, who he said are hell bent on killing Public Universities and not serious on its much-trumpeted fight against corruption.

” If you want to fight corruption you don’t have to be making noise about it, what we have in Nigeria are very weak institutions, because a strong institution will fight corruption without making any noise, but because we have weak institutions building strong individuals, corruption has remain with us and if not careful, it will kill Nigeria.

”When we got the information that the government wants to start fighting against corruption, we filled a petition against the University of Ilorin bordering on corruption, nepotism and all forms of infractions, up till now the people involved are still moving around freely and on the matter, absolutely nothing has been done.
”We on our own, would continue to fight for the quality and better education of the poor masses. However, the government deliberately wanted to kill public University, it is a deliberate ploy. During our own time, the children of the poor and the rich share the same hostels and classrooms. We did everything together, but today we have been completely separated from their children and that is why they are not willing to fund tertiary institutions.

”They are hell bent on destroying public institutions just like they did with the Public Primary schools and secondary schools, and like I said, they don’t believe in Nigeria and that is why they are sending their children to abroad to study.
”We are trying to call their attention to it, that in the last five years, not less than 90% of Nigerian trained medical doctors are now working abroad. they have left this country for other countries, and that is why if you get to any hospitals you will realize that you will hardly get one Resident Doctor attending to you.
” Even that resident doctor is already planning on how to travel out of the country and that is the situation of slave and the slave master syndrome. ”that is, bring your best and able- bodied slaves to us so that we can use them to work for us, and that results in brain drain.

”It was not like that before, but now, it has become a status symbol that, ” my son is a medical doctor practicing in South Africa, or in UK, or USA. That is what the brain drain can cause a nation and it is because that our leaders do not believe in this nation we call Nigeria. The people over there knows that it is cheaper to train Doctors and other experts in Nigeria, so they encourage it. It is too bad for us”. he noted.