Another Anambra Beauty Pageant Mess!

Another Anambra Beauty Pageant Mess!

The 2016 Christmas and New Year festivities were as exciting as they were interesting in different ways, which different events across the country having their own unique features and attractions, except for troubled areas particularly Kaduna and Nigeria’s North East.

However, one event many people will not forget in a hurry and remains the topic of discussion in many fora held in Nnewi, the industrial hub of the South East, located in Anambra State.

It was the Ifeanyi Uba-sponsored Nnewi Youth Fiesta, the high point of which was the Miss Nnewi Beauty Pageant.

Most people were disappointed at the level of knowledge the 16 contestants exhibited concerning basic issues.

The gathering was particularly tuned off at the inability of the contestants to answer questions like who the founder of the Dr. Ifeanyi Uba foundation is; what they would do if they became the president of Nigeria; or who the president of Nigeria is?

A contestant excitedly told the gathering that the President of the Federal Republic is Dr. Muhammadu Buhari.

Most unashamedly answered: “No Idea,” even while they are supposedly undergraduates of Nigerian higher institutions of learning!

At the end of the exercise, THEPOST learnt the organisers declared that there was no winner, because the show was a brazen embarrassment to the sensibilities of the entire state.

Beyond declaring a “No victor, no vanquished” verdict, the organizers of the event should please test the Intelligent Quotient of would-be contestants before bringing them out for public parade to be sure they are what they claim.

Otherwise, the embarrassment will continue as the state itself has not recovered from the recent “cucumber” saga involving beauty pageant.