Amnesty Report: CSO Passes Vote Of Confidence on Army Professionalism

Amnesty Report: CSO Passes Vote Of Confidence on Army Professionalism

Chris Steven, Abuja

Following a recent annual report by the Amnesty International which accused the Nigerian Army of humanitarian crimes a Civil Society Group, Africa Arise for Change Network, has passed a vote of confidence on the professional manner in which the military has handled the war against terrorism in the nation.

The group has also accused Amnesty International of attempting to cause confusion and distrust within its citizen in order to destabilise the nation.

Speaking during a press conference held in Abuja, its Executive Director, Okoli Stella, said the report  was aimed at giving the nation a bad name noting  however that recent actions by terror groups including IPOB, MASSOB and even Boko Haram have proven that the Amnesty report is doctored to demonise the military and encourage the terrorists.

“The recent attacks being launched on military positions by Boko Haram vindicate our position as a civil society that Amnesty International is out to embolden terrorists to attack the Nigerian state and its citizenry”.  She noted.

Condemning the annual report by Amnesty International, the group said it was intended to  paint Nigeria as a repressive state where people are wantonly killed by security and military forces but has failed to in the same manner, given the context in which operations were launched against certain dangerous groups even as it accused Amnesty of being economical with the truth in relaying casualties from these incidents.

Speaking further, Africa Arise For Change Network, also accused Amnesty International of giving wings to corruption in Nigeria through its silent support of those who have been found wanting adding that the International Organisation is unhappy that Nigeria is finally descending hard on thieves.

“Its preference is for these individuals to continue enjoying their freedom so that certain countries can continue to have the Nigerian treasury remitted to them”, she said

While saluting  officers and soldiers of the Nigerian military as true heroes, the group further assured them that no amount of blackmail should deter them from saving the country from separatist and insurgents who think Nigeria is a conquered territory adding that no effort will be wasted in condemning the report by Amnesty International since too many Nigerians have already done that and the identity of the groups being defended should give those wishing to make further comments insights into the criminality that Amnesty International is engaged in.

It therefore called on the international community to rather than sow seeds of discord amongst the Nigerian populace, assist the nation in finding lasting solution to the terrorism scourge totting up that Nigerians will not hesitate to find home grown solutions to this crisis.

“Let it be known to those who have good intentions that what Nigeria requires at the moment is a permanent solution to the humanitarian crisis fueled by the likes of Amnesty International in the north east of the country. Nigerians will not hesitate to adopt home grown solutions to salvage the situation if the world chooses to believe a compromised entity like Amnesty International over brave people that toil and sacrifice daily to correct the mess created from abroad”.  They warned