AI Is Harbouring Illegal Immigrants To Work In Nigeria, Group Petitions Immigration CG

AI Is Harbouring Illegal Immigrants To Work In Nigeria, Group Petitions Immigration CG

Chris Steven, Abuja

The Save Humanity Advocacy Centre , SHAC has written to the
Nigerian Immigration Service, calling for the investigation of Amnesty International for allegedly harbouring immigrant workers who do not have the required resident and work permit to stay and work in Nigeria.

In a letter of petition addressed to the Comptroller General, Nigerian Immigration Service and signed by SHAC Executive Director, Ibrahim Abubakar, the group specifically alleged that there are two workers in Amnesty International, a Sierra Leonian and an Ethiopian who do not have the required permits to live and work in Nigeria.

He said the continuous stay of these duo, along with others poses grave security risk to the country as their intentions may stretch far beyond the cover of protecting human right and therefore urged the CG to investigate and deport these individuals with ulterior motives back to their home countries.

Abubakar alleged that the Amnesty International group in Nigeria brings in people of questionable character on the pretense of Human Rights in the country, while in truth; they are spying on the country especially with the ongoing war against terrorism in the country.

The letter reads partly, “The activities of Amnesty International in Nigeria are a source of distraction. As a fact, their workforce consists of people of questionable characters, including the Sierra Leonean and the Ethiopian nationals whom their country have declared persona non grata. And the reason for this is not far-fetched.

“Mr. CG sir, you also wish to be aware that Amnesty International operates in Nigeria with the two foreigners at the forefront. It was only recently that a Nigerian was announced as the director in a bid to camouflage their mode of operation.

“Mr. CG Sir, it is against this background that we plead that you use your good office to verify the resident and work status of the foreigners working in Amnesty International, and if found to have subverted the system, they should also be prosecuted along with their collaborators in Nigeria.”

According to Abubakar, this call is indeed a Save-our-Soul particularly with the revelation that the bulk of the suicide bombers and terrorist that have continually wrecked havoc in Nigeria are indeed not Nigerians, but people from neighbouring countries.

He referred the GG to the Amnesty  International 2016 report where it accused the military of extra-judicial killings, saying this report is entirely false and not an accurate representation of the facts on the ground.

He said this goes a long way in highlighting how the dubious elements within its ranks have perfected their propaganda plan with the ultimate aim of causing unrest in Nigeria and sending the wrong message to the outside world about Nigeria.

He states further, “It is also a known fact that Amnesty International has been using the cover of their supposed transparent organization to bring people of questionable character into Nigeria, all in the name of carrying out research but to sit-in hotels to spy on the country which is against interventional protocol and conventions anywhere in the world,” the letter also added.