Ageless Chelsea Heroes May Hold Key


How exquisite it would be if the latest instalment of the new rivalry of English football at Stamford Bridge on Saturday should rest on the shoulders of two of the stadium’s old-fashioned, everlasting favourites.

The feats of a couple of 36-year-olds, Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard, are inscribed in Bridge lore. For Chelsea fans, though, only one of them is now wearing the right shade of blue.

The orange banner which pronounces ‘Drogba Legend’ is still paraded at every home game in the expectation the Ivorian striker can still work his old wizardry.

With Diego Costa starting a ban for his midweek stamp in the game against Liverpool, Saturday’s Premier League title showdown with Manchester City is a chance for Drogba to show that, even if not the force of nature of his first spell at the club, his quality is undimmed.

Then there’s the scenario to haunt the home fans. They give Lampard a warm ovation – and if they don’t, they’re not really Chelsea fans – and then watch him sink their team with a goal as memorable as any of the record 211 he scored for them.