Adopt UHC To Save Nigeria From Recession Says Expert

Adopt UHC To Save Nigeria From Recession Says Expert

Paul Obiajunwo, Port Harcourt


UNIVERSAL Health Coverage has been described as a sure approach through which the economy of Nigerian can be revived.

This was the findings of Health Financial Governance during its seminar on UHC in Port Harcourt, Rivers State capital.

Speaking, Dr. Garfa Alawode, the Chief of Party, Health Financing Governance Projects stated that if Nigeria and the states would adopt UCH that it would help save the nation from the economic recession.

Alawode said: “A lot of people do not access healthcare, because they do not have money, but if you do an additional investment it will make health care accessible.

“25 percent of women deliveries take place out of the health facilities, those people that are not able to access health care. Like an Okada rider who is down in health and cannot access healthcare would be at home without treatment, his absence from business affects the GDP.

“GDP is the contribution of the input of everyone. If people are sick and they cannot access healthcare and cannot go to business they no longer contribute to the economic growth. If you make health accessible, it will improve people’s input into the GDP. “

He said if people receive quality healthcare that the economy would improve, calling on individuals to make investment.

Alawode noted that economic benefits of health insurance scheme were not properly stated, adding that actual investment in the health sector would tackle poverty.

Alawode said: “To achieve Universal Health Coverage you need to spend more and spend well. Where will the money come from and how do we spend well. In the health sector we shortchange ourselves by not articulation clear economic benefit of our Universal Health Coverage.”