Abandoned By Wife, Blackfaze Rediscovers Love

Abandoned By Wife, Blackfaze Rediscovers Love

Embattled musical sensation, Augustine Ahmed better known as Blackfaze, who became single again after his wife abandoned him, has his life and world afire with love once more.

It became obvious recently that the member of the once famous Plantation Boyz that comprised Tuface Idibia, has rediscovered love.

Taking to his Instagram page he went philosophical about his new found thus:

“Sometimes you find someone who sticks by you through the ups and the downs and some stick by you only when you can afford to give them whatever they want and whenever they demand whatever.

“But this lady right here has been by my side through thick and thin and supported my notions and drives when nobody believed in me anymore

“Thank you for being a friend unconditionally @marthaadama

“Love you scatter my sweet heart,” he stressed.

This is to hope that this new found love would help revive his comatose music career as we enter into the New Year 2017.