Establishments in individual U.S. states are reopening in some capacity amid the pandemic. Put simply, things won’t be the way they used to. According to Eat This, Not That!, here are changes you could see at a favorite spot for the near future.

1. Establishments will encourage you to stick with your groups and avoid interacting too much with strangers.

2. Sitting areas will be limited to uphold social distancing guidelines.

3. Dancing could also be temporarily banned, as it is tough to distance one’s self.

4. Similar to Hong Kong and South Korea, U.S. spots could start taking your temperature before you enter.

5. Hanging out with large groups of people in a closed space may also be discouraged.

6. Don’t expect to see complimentary snacks. 7. Ordering at the bar will probably be out, leaving drink requests to be done at your table.

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