2019: Only God Can Stop Buhari

2019: Only God Can Stop Buhari
Bayo Oyewale, Lokoja
Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello has lambasted critics of President
Muhammadu Buhari, saying they do not have the ultimate power to stop the re-election of the President in next year’s general elections.
He explained,that no campaign of calumny against Mr. President would
frustrate his re-election, more so that he has the overwhelming support of Nigerians to continue in office, in view of his transparent leadership and desire to move the country to another level of development.
 Bello who disclosed this during a town hall meeting in Lokoja on Tuesday evening, as part of activities lined up to commemorate the
second anniversary of his administration, wondered why people who plundered the resources of the country would be contemplating
returning to power, saying that can never happen.
He further stressed that God who made Mr. President to pass through the valley of death preserved him for a purpose, expressing confidence that President Buhari would secure another mandate in view of his
purposeful leadership.
 “Mr. President is just close to three years and his opponents are running helter skelter, because they cannot tolerate him for eight yearrs, stressing that by the time
President Buhari completes his two terms in office, his opponents would be in political wilderness,”he noted.
Bello said President Buhari is doing well in his best in the fightagainst corruption, insurgency as well as improvement in the economy,noting that the foreign reserve has been bolstered significantly,
compared to what was in place before he came on board in 2015.
“Mr. President is boiling them with cold water, suffocating them because they cannot stomach him for eight years, that is why they are
crying foul. When the time comes they will know that majority of the people of this country are solidly behind him. So those who are
against the re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari cannot stop
him”, he emphasised.
Governor Bello further opined that if God endorses Mr. President to serve his constitutional two terms he do not need the support of
anyone to achieve that feat, insisting that those who ran the country aground are desperately seeking relevance, trying to play God.
He maintained that no amount of intimidation, media manupilation and
campaign of calumny can compel Mr. President to abandon his avowed
commitment to put the country on the path of greatness, stressing that
the current efforts at retrieving all the stolen monies from the
nation’s coffers cannot be abandoned because of some selfish individuals.
On his political aspiration, Governor Bello said God would take of that one when the time comes, assuring that the state was poised to
present credible candidates that can adequately and effectively represent the state at all levels in the next dispensation.
He lamented that members of the National Assembly members from the state have not done enough to adequaaately protect the interest of the state,
assuring that those that are prepared to do the needful would be sent to support Mr. President in his determined efforts to put the country
on sound economic.