13 Passengers Including A Pregnant Woman Perish In Auto Accident

By Paul Obiajunwo, Port Harcourt 

Thirteen passengers including a pregnant woman with her two kids perished in a ghastly auto accident involving a trailer and a homer bus at Ihiala, Anambra State.

The bus was said to be in a high speed loaded at Rivers State Transport Company (RTC) Park in Port Harcourt and was going to Anambra State on Monday when according to a survivor, experienced  brake failure before a turning truck at Ihiala, near a Breweries Company.

Joseph Chimbuakor, one of the two survivors in the bus said: “We entered the bus at RTC going to Anambra State, when we got to Ihiala we noticed that the driver was on speed, he overtook one RTC bus and a trailer but he did not know that in front of him was another truck that blocked the road while trying to make a u-turn.

“Before the driver could notice, it was too late and effort to apply the brake failed, and with that speed we hit the truck and the other trailer he overtook also hit us at the back and squeezed the bus under the turning truck, then the upper roof of the bus forcefully pulled out”, he added.

Chimbuakor, who is receiving treatment at Life Care Medical Centre Port Harcourt, said he could not imagine that God spared his life when he saw the remains of the driver of the bus without his head.

“I was sitting next to the driver, I want to thank God, we are two persons that survived. When the accident happened, I became unconscious, but after 10 minutes, I turned my neck and I saw something that looked like a goat without neck. But with his shirt on him I realize it was the driver.

“I can still remember that there was a pregnant woman with two kids that boarded that vehicle, everybody died except me and one other person according to the police who later brought my mobile phone to me.

When ThePost visited RTC Park, Anambra Line, in Port Harcourt one of the drivers plying the same route, Emaka Nwosu, revealed that the breweries company close to the scene of the incident was the cause of the accident.

“Look, that particular place where this accident happened has been consuming the lives of travelers, this is not the first accident, it had been a repeated occurrence.  The trailer drivers that come to load goods at this company are reckless and they needed to be cautioned to put a stop to the untimely death of innocent Nigerians.

The officers of Road Safety Commission who were attached to the RTC Park, Port Harcourt confirmed the incident but pleaded with ThePost to come back on Wednesday to get the list of those who boarded the crashed bus.