115 Nigerians Died Of Live Wire Accidents In 2015 – Expert

115 Nigerians Died Of Live Wire Accidents In 2015 – Expert

Chris Steven, Abuja

No fewer than 115 Nigerians died of electrocution in 2015 due to fall of live wire in different parts of the country, a technology expert has revealed.

Speaking in Abuja at the launch of a new crime reporting mobile application designed to assist electricity distribution companies address challenges of infrastructure such as theft of transformer parts and loss of revenue due to power theft, Chairman of Web Assets Nigeria Limited, Kayode Aladesuyi said Nigeria also recorded 30 percent of power loss due to theft.

He said the nation could have averted the death of those 115 Nigerians and also prevented the power theft if there was any app in place that could send warning signals across once a live wire falls or a vandalism was about to take place.

“Last year, 115 Nigerians died as a result of loose live wire. Global announcement allows users to send messages to the public about an accident.

Loose live wire claimed more lives because there was no means of communication between the distribution companies and the public. This can also be used by the security agency to fight terrorism.

Our success, growth and development depend on power . Industries are moving out of Nigeria to Ghana because of power. People are stealing power” he said .

Aladesuyi who unveiled the new app called Hawk Eye, stressed that Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) and Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) which are the pilot companies with the app could now monitor energy theft, vandalism as well as improve on service delivery and customer care.

His words: ” One of the most critical things missing in this country is the ability to have a secured country, ability to respond immediately to emergency. It is unacceptable. I was drawn to develop this app because we have serious problem with our utilities, they are seriously and constantly under attack”

While speaking on the new crime reporting app, Managing Director of AEDC , Engineer Earnest Mupwaya said the app would go a long way to enhance service delivery noting that it would provide additional visibility in case of vandalism.

” With this app, we have in-house ability to respond immediately to emergency cases. It helps to file reports of utility theft, attend to utility accident and repairs” he said